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A Guide To Seeing Auras

Seeing the aura is a matter of taking your eyes slightly out of focus. If you’ve ever been able to see those holographic picture-in-a-picture things, then you shouldn’t have any trouble seeing auras as you do exactly the same thing with your eyes…

Aura’s Part 2 – Color Meanings

Colors are an important aspect of aura reading. Below is a description of the meanings different colors hold. When reading auras, be sure to always trust your intuition…

Aura’s – Part 1 – An Introduction

Are there times when you feel uncomfortable in crowded places? Are there moments when you feel as if your space is being invaded? Some people can only come so close to you. This is a reaction triggered by your aura…

7 Steps To Connect With Your Angel Guides

Asking an angel for help is one of our most powerful spiritual practices. We can ask the angels for immediate help at any time and in any place. Here are some techniques that will help you…

Divine Companions: Angels And Spirit Guides

Even when you feel as though you are completely alone, there are divine companions who are always with you…

5 Tips for Maintaining a Gratitude Journal

Research-based tips and your favorite pen can help you create a gratitude journal. Here are five tips for maintaining a gratitude journal..

5 Tips for Cultivating Gratitude and Boosting Your Happiness

Here are five tips for cultivating appreciation and boosting your overall happiness.