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The Universe Has the Answer

Who Is This For?

A Divination session is for individuals who:

  • Have questions for the universe
  • Would like to connect with the divine realms
  • Seek peace and understanding of a current situation

How Does It Work?

We organize your questions in a way that is easily answerable by the divine Source, then we utilize metaphysical tools such as the Tarot, pendulums and channeling to bring clarity to your life and the guidance you seek.

What Will I Experience?

**Most clients experience a variety of things such as:

  • A divine connection with Source energy
  • Answers to the questions they have
  • Alleviated concerns and often, closure
  • A positive path forward

How Do I Get Started?

“Tammy immediately made me feel comfortable. Her gentle approach gave me confidence in reaffirming my intuitive senses. Her guidance empowered me to follow through with ease and power in moving forward. I highly recommend her to anyone of all ages..”

Marie C, Canada

“Tammy is such a beautiful person inside and out. Made me feel so comfortable and welcomed. My session with her was truly life changing and I am forever grateful for the blockages she has helped me overcome and the thought of care afterwards as well! Highly recommend her services for anyone looking for a more intuitive session! Thank you so much Tammy!.”

Courtney M, Canada

**Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed. The experience is dependent upon clarity of the questions asked, and the intent for which they are asked.