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Entity Release

Remove and Release What Isn’t Yours…

Who’s This For?

Some signs that you may have a lower vibrational energy within yourself or your home:

  • Feeling drained or low energy once you come home, when you may have had a happy, energetic day.
  • Difficulty sleeping, wake frequently and being unable to go back to sleep, or sleep paralysis.
  • Unexplainable fear, anxiety or panic attacks.
  • Suicidal thoughts, depression, or sadness.
  • Addictions, violent abuse and outbursts, bullying.
  • Issues with focusing on tasks, or ADHD behaviour.
  • Hearing voices, seeing movement out of your peripheral vision.

If you have ever felt a “presence” in your home, a dark “area” of concern, or if you have come home and find that you’re great mood suddenly sours and you become bitter, angry or depressed, you may have an entity in your home!

Entities are a lower vibrational energy, essentially a spirit, who piggybacks onto our energy fields and/or enters our personal space – home. These lower vibrational forms can interfere with our own energy field and cause setbacks as depression, anger, frustration and mis-communication with loved ones.

They can easily affect the way we think, feel, and behave through this interference. If we are not running on a high vibrational level, then these energies can easily influence us.

Even if you always run at a higher vibration, someone can sometimes compromise your personal space when you bring in an outside energy, such as a border or renter of a room in your home, or a co-worker.

How Does It Work?

I treat these lower vibrational forms as if they are still human, because they often think they are! They deserve the respect and help that any of us do, and are genuinely thankful for the guidance and love.

I work with individuals, couples and children who struggle with all the above symptoms such as chronic low energy, nightmares or night terrors, depression or “dark” feelings toward their loved ones or others and who would like to sleep through the night, feel happier in their homes and with their loved ones, run at a higher, happier vibrational level.

What separates me from other therapists is that I fully recognize the power of low vibrational energy and can intuitively “dial in” to the messages and the reason the energy is surrounding you, your home, and your loved ones. 

What Will I Experience?

I have effectively released negative entities and energies from individuals and their homes, usually within one session, (over Zoom or in person) and because of this my clients experience a happier home life, a deeper, relaxed sleep and run on a higher, positive vibrational level!

How Do I Get Started?

“During my pregnancy, depression plagued me. Turns out I was being bombarded with lower vibrational energies that were planting negative thoughts and feelings. Tammy assisted me through clearing them, which would relieve the depression. If you don’t feel like yourself, book a session with Tammy to clear what’s not yours!”

Jennifer A. Canada

****Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed. The experience is dependent upon clarity of the concerns, communication between therapist and client, and willingness of the client to transform.