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Transformational Session for Body, Mind & Spirit

Who Is This For?

The Transformation Therapy Session is for individuals who:

  • Have had passed trauma or illness
  • Are experiencing stress, anxiety or depression
  • Are uncertain of their life path or purpose
  • Want to connect with who they really are and unleash their true potential
  • Seek healing of issues relating to their body, mind, or spirit
  • Feel as though they are “not themselves”

How Does it Work?

During a session, we:

  • Discuss your concerns, your past, and your desired outcome
  • We then use a powerful combination of hypnosis, chakra healing using Reiki and crystal energy for a one-of-a-kind transformational session
  • We go to the source of your concern, heal the trauma and align your chakra system and etheric body (aura)
  • Understand your conscious and unconscious mind and uncover where your limiting beliefs are held.

What Will I Experience?

**Many clients experience a variety of outcomes, such as

  • Alleviating negativity, fears depression and anxiety
  • Feel a deep sense of relaxation, release and rejuvenation
  • Gain clarity of their past, present and future paths
  • Feel, sometimes for the first time, whole and complete

How Do I Get Started?

Stop the endless loop of negative thinking, feeling un-deserving of true happiness and fulfillment.  Because life is way too short to be unhappy!  Learn how to handle life situations in a positive way, be more centered, experience true happiness and live a limitless, full life.

“Tammy is very intuitive. She immediately made me feel welcomed, safe and empowered in our sessions together. Her soft gentle yet powerful approach is exactly what I needed to bust through some barriers. She’s thorough in her descriptions and channeling and I appreciate the handwritten notes I get to review at home. I also really enjoy the little “homework type” work to do on my own. I highly recommend her for any personal or business guidance.”

Kim C, Canada

“HYPNOSIS WORKS! Working with Tammy allowed me to have a lot of clarity with the relationships in my life. Before our session it was hard for me to believe that I could find a suitable partner. During our session I experiences a deep release of old fears around relationships and my bodt felt amazing! After the session my entire body was so relaxed. My heart and mind were open and I ended up reconnecting with someone really special. Hypnosis is powerful and works quickly. You will feel like a brand new person and I would highly recommend it!”

Jackie M, Canada

“Tammy is a wonderfully gifted woman and she was an incredible person to work with. She made me feel extremely comfortable and at ease throughout the whole session. She was so attentive and her calming nature made opening up easy. I could not believe how powerful and beautiful I felt after. Truly an exceptional lady!.”

Taylor A, Canada

****Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed. The experience is dependent upon clarity of the concerns, communication between therapist and client, and willingness of the client to transform.